Wedding Announcement Wording

Wedding announcement is sent using a wedding announcement cards after a wedding when there ain't any invitations send. It is often sent to relatives or friends who live too far away to be present at the wedding ceremony. No acknowledgment is necessary though it is more pleasant to send either a note expressing good wishes or a gift on the receiver part.

The usual way of wedding announcement wording:

Mr. and Mrs. John Steven
announce the marriage of their daughter
Alice Rosalind
Mr. David Frank
on Saturday, February the first
Two thousand and one

If it is in the case of a second marriage for the bride, the wedding announcement wording should reads in this manner:

Mr. Dave T. Anderson
Mrs. Gary Mike
announce their marriage
on Wednesday, July the Eight
Two thousand and two

The above wedding announcement wording shall be used by the bride if she is a widow.
However, in regrads to a divorcee, she shall use her own first and second names, together with the divorced husband surname.

The wedding announcement wording is printed on white paper similar in size and texture to those used in the invitation. It shuld be posted on the day of the wedding. The wording stated above may be modified by adding church name or the venue in which the ceremony was held, or the home address if it was a home wedding.

With the wedding invitation or the announcement card the "at home" card may be included, giving the date of honeymoon return date and any future address. Thus:

Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Keaton
At Home in Baverly Hills
After the seventeenth of July
on Tuesday, the Sixth of May
at two o'clock
at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith
sixteen Steven Street

Informal Wedding Wording

Now a days, many modern couples are passing up traditional invitation etiquette in favor of a lighter informal wedding wording invitation. Modern couples can come out their own wording creativities and ideas for phrasing informal wedding wording making these wording an unique wedding invitation wording of their own.

Even though it is informal but it is still important to have the hosts' names to appear first on the invitation so an informal wedding invitation may be stated like the following:

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith
invite you to share their joy
as their daughter
Maria Kat
is united in Holy Matrimony

If for a couple hosting their own wedding this can be phrase to reflect their theme and personalities:

Catherine Jessie
Harry Mike
invite you to join them
as they are married
at the ABC Ranch
day, date, time
Chuck wagon food and line dancing
to follow the ceremony
dress casual - jeans and cowboy boots
if you choose.

Sometime religious ceremonies also break with tradition and can be word like the following:

Ann Felicia
Raymond Bob
ask God¡¯s blessing and yours
as they are united in wedlock
an day, date, time
street address
city, state and zip code

The informal wedding invitation wording sample that you choose to adapt should reflect who you are as a couple.

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Professionally Written Wedding Speeches

Wedding Reception Invitation Wording

Wedding reception invitations are specifically to inform your guests about the important details of the reception, venue and time. Wedding reception invitations wording can eiher formal or informal. If both the wedding and the reception are hosted at the same venue, then the wording can be added to the wedding invitation.

The wording can simply state that the reception would immediately follow the wedding. And in most cases, if the venue of the wedding and the reception differ, then a separate reception invitation card would have to be worded accordingly.

The following lists some Wedding Reception Invitation Wording specimens:

Wording for Invitation for a Black Tie Reception
Black tie Reception and Dinner
On (date), (time)
Central Country Club
233 Pebble Bay Parkway

A Typical Reception
We invite you to join us for
fellowship, dinner, and dancing
at the Reception.
Buffet on (date), (time)
Ritz Hotel
18 Sixth Avenue

Wording for Two Different Wedding Receptions
To help us continue in the celebration
kindly join us to share our happiness
for hors d'oeuvres
immediately following ceremony at
The Meridian Hotel
New York

RSVP Wedding Wording

RSVP Wedding Wording
R.S.V.P. is the abbreviation of a French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous pla?t," which stand for "please reply." The person sending the invitation would like you to inform him or her whether you accept or decline the invitation.
In another word, which means will you be coming to the event or not? The etiquette rules in most Western cultures expect that if you received a formal, written invitation, you should reply promptly, perhaps on that same day.

This is important from a practical point of view for hosts who are planning a wedding dinner party, or a reception, because they need to know how many people to count on and how much food and drink to prepare. More importantly, it is the simple courtesy of responding to someone who was nice enough to invite you, even if it is to say that you regret that you will not be able to attend.

Proper RSVP Wedding Etiquette
In the case of a single person invitation, address the invitation to Mr. David Jackson, and make sure you write inside the response card “Mr. David Jackson will attend ___ will not attend ___” so he can check one or the other.

If you wish to have your sole invite to bring a guest, you can then add “Guest will attend ___ will not attend ___” so your sole invite knows that he can invite an extra guest.

In the case of a family with the several kids, make sure you address the invitation to her and her husband in the
same manner mentioned above, making it clear that the kids are not invited.

If you are holding a formal black-tie wedding, word the invitation as such, saying: “Black tie reception to follow at the location listed here.” Never leave the formality up in the air.

Preparing For Guests Who Can’t Make It
Always make sure to leave a line or a space for guests to check off “Cannot attend” or “Regretfully declines.” If you expect all replies to responded back to you, state a time deadline at the bottom of the card.

In some instances, you may want to limit only from those who cannot make it. Then, make sure “Regrets only” appears along with the time deadline. However, this might be more difficult for to get an accurate head count since invited person don’t have to make clear if they are attending your event.

Invitation Wedding Wording

Invitation Wedding Wording
Invitation Wording to Church Wedding
Church wedding invitation should be worded with a bit more formality than the invitation to the home ceremony. It shall be sent 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding day. Normally, church wedding invitation does not require no written acknowledgement, except in rare cases when there is a request for it. Instead of using the initials, R.S.V.P., it would be better to say simply, "Please reply." This differ in the case of home wedding invitations, which, require prompt acknowledgment.

Below are two example of church wedding invitation wedding wording:

Mr. and Mrs. John Steven
request the honor of

presence at the marriage of their daughter
Mary Mitch
Mr. Michael John
Thursday, the tenth of March

Two thousand and five
at four o'clock in the afternoon
St. Nicholas's Church
Los Angeles


Mr. and Mrs. John Steven
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Mary Mitch
Mr. Michael John
Friday, the fifth of August

Two thousand and five
at six o'clock in the evening
Presbyterian Church
New York

In the first wedding invitation example, the name of the guest is written by hand in the dotted space left for that purpose. Under customary the use of "marriage" and "marriage with" is in preference to "marriage to." However, any one of them may be used.

Home Wedding Invitation Wording
For home wedding, the phrase "request the honor of your presence" is replaced by the phrase "request the pleasure of your company", if one prefers "honor" may be used in place of "pleasure".

Similar to the case of the church wedding, a space is left for the name of the guest to be filled in, or the following can be used:

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bon
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage of their daughter
Jane Jenny
Mr. Tom Stone
On Tuesday afternoon, June the third
at four o'clock
Eighty-two North Street

If the wedding takes place in the country, and a guest at a great distance is invited, a small card like the following can be included:

City Hall Central Station
for Hillville at 11:42 A.M.
Returning train leaves Hillville
for Texas at 6:10 P.M.

Rich people often cater a special train at the disposal of special city friends whose presence is highly desired at the wedding. A card, like the one following, can be enclosed with the invitation, and it represent a pass, entitling the bearer to a seat in the reserved train:

The special train leaves
City Hall Station for Hillville
at 11:42 A.M.
Leaves Hillville for City Hall Station
at 6:10 P.M.
Please present this card at station door

Wedding Etiquette

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, French court of King Louis XIV had the rules for court behavior written on what the French referred to as "tickets," or "étiquette." The etiquette either were signs posted at Versailles or were the invitations issued to court events with the rules of behavior printed on the back.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette
Wedding invitations are sent to those relatives, friends and acquaintances who are to be present at the ceremony. When the wedding is to be a church, invitations shall be sent to those names that appear on the visiting lists of the two families, including relatives and friends of the bride and groom. For business associates, the invitation should be extended because of the friendship, not because of the business connection. The main things in a successful wedding invitation list needs to include of people who know well, care about and love the Bride and Groom.

For a home wedding, more discrimination should be shown in the issuing of invitations. Close friends and relatives of both families shall be invited, but not necessarily to include casual acquaintances. When preparing the invitations,
the bride-to-be and her mother should take into consideration the number of people who will fit comfortably into the reception area.

Wedding Etiquette Answers Instant Download
This book covers everything there is to know about wedding etiquettes. In fact, some people have called it the Wedding Etiquette Expert Guide.

What is Wedding Wording?

wedding wording
Wedding Wording is words and phrases used during a wedding. These words are used in wedding from the beginning of a wedding, starting from announcement, invitation, rsvp, and during reception. It is also very important to look into wedding etiquette so the wedding can be in a well organized form .

When a wedding host make and effort to use good and proper wedding wording, it not only demonstrate conventional rules of personal behaviour in polite society but also command respect from the guests. These actions will give relatives and friends the impressions that the newly web couple have put in their commitment and seriousness in the wedding, which shall bring good blessing from this relatives and friends.