Wedding Announcement Wording

Wedding announcement is sent using a wedding announcement cards after a wedding when there ain't any invitations send. It is often sent to relatives or friends who live too far away to be present at the wedding ceremony. No acknowledgment is necessary though it is more pleasant to send either a note expressing good wishes or a gift on the receiver part.

The usual way of wedding announcement wording:

Mr. and Mrs. John Steven
announce the marriage of their daughter
Alice Rosalind
Mr. David Frank
on Saturday, February the first
Two thousand and one

If it is in the case of a second marriage for the bride, the wedding announcement wording should reads in this manner:

Mr. Dave T. Anderson
Mrs. Gary Mike
announce their marriage
on Wednesday, July the Eight
Two thousand and two

The above wedding announcement wording shall be used by the bride if she is a widow.
However, in regrads to a divorcee, she shall use her own first and second names, together with the divorced husband surname.

The wedding announcement wording is printed on white paper similar in size and texture to those used in the invitation. It shuld be posted on the day of the wedding. The wording stated above may be modified by adding church name or the venue in which the ceremony was held, or the home address if it was a home wedding.

With the wedding invitation or the announcement card the "at home" card may be included, giving the date of honeymoon return date and any future address. Thus:

Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Keaton
At Home in Baverly Hills
After the seventeenth of July
on Tuesday, the Sixth of May
at two o'clock
at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith
sixteen Steven Street

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