Informal Wedding Wording

Now a days, many modern couples are passing up traditional invitation etiquette in favor of a lighter informal wedding wording invitation. Modern couples can come out their own wording creativities and ideas for phrasing informal wedding wording making these wording an unique wedding invitation wording of their own.

Even though it is informal but it is still important to have the hosts' names to appear first on the invitation so an informal wedding invitation may be stated like the following:

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith
invite you to share their joy
as their daughter
Maria Kat
is united in Holy Matrimony

If for a couple hosting their own wedding this can be phrase to reflect their theme and personalities:

Catherine Jessie
Harry Mike
invite you to join them
as they are married
at the ABC Ranch
day, date, time
Chuck wagon food and line dancing
to follow the ceremony
dress casual - jeans and cowboy boots
if you choose.

Sometime religious ceremonies also break with tradition and can be word like the following:

Ann Felicia
Raymond Bob
ask God¡¯s blessing and yours
as they are united in wedlock
an day, date, time
street address
city, state and zip code

The informal wedding invitation wording sample that you choose to adapt should reflect who you are as a couple.

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